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Ethical Student Video Contest Rules 2024.


Ethical Student Video Contest. Contest is open to High School Students as part of the “Celebration of Ethical Leadership Awards” event by BBB® Serving Central California and Inland Empire Counties. This video contest is designed to involve our students in a conversation about the importance of ethics, ways to foster ethical behavior and to develop future ethical leaders. Video submission starts on January 1st and closes on May 31st each year.


Winner(s) will receive a check. Awards or amounts may vary based on sponsorship participation.


  1. Video Content: Participants must create a 1-2 minute video in which they share their perspective on what ethical leadership means to them. They should also explain how they implement ethics in their lives. The video should reflect the student's thoughts, ideas, and personal experiences related to ethical leadership.

  2. Personal Information: The video must include the student's full name and the name of their current school. This information helps in identifying the participant and their educational background.

  3. Submission Method: Participants are required to submit their video entry via email or a Google Drive link. The email should be sent to, the designated contact person for the contest.

  4. Contact Information: In the email, participants should provide their phone number (if available) and the contact information of their guardian. Including this information is essential for communication purposes and to ensure that proper consent is obtained for participants who are minors. Parental/legal guardian information is required.



  1. Eligible Counties: The contest is open to high school students from the following counties: Mono, Mariposa, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, Inyo, Kern, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties. Participants must be residents of these counties to be eligible to enter the contest.

  2. High School Students Only: Participants must be high school students at the time of entry. This means that only students who are currently enrolled in high school can enter the contest.

  3. Exclusion of Sponsor and BBB Employees' Household Members: Household members of employees of the sponsor and BBB are not eligible to participate. This restriction aims to ensure fairness and prevent conflicts of interest.

  4. In-Person Award Presentation: Winners of the contest must be available for an in-person award presentation. The location of the award presentation will be specified by the organizers.

  5. Photography and Recording Consent: Winners must be willing to be photographed and recorded. Parental/legal guardian information is required.

  6. Previous winners cannot participate.



  1. Selection Authority: The winners will be selected by either the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and/or the sponsors of the contest.

  2. Selection Criteria: The winners will be chosen based on the quality of their video content. Which include but not limited to factors such as creativity, originality, relevance to the contest theme, and overall production quality.

  3. Selection Timeline: The winners will be selected two weeks after the submission deadline, which is May 31st.

  4. Winner Notification: Winners will be notified within two weeks of the winner selection.



  1. No Purchase Necessary: Participants do not need to make any purchase or pay any entry fee to enter the contest.   

  2. Winner Features: The winners of the contest may be featured in the "Celebration of Ethical Leadership Broadcast" and on various platforms, including the sponsor's and BBB's social media platforms, as well as other digital or print promotions. This means that the winners' names, images, or other identifying information may be publicly shared to highlight their achievement.

  3. Minors and Release Forms: The contest requires that a parent or legal guardian sign release forms on behalf of the minor participant. These release forms grant permission for the minor's name, image, or likeness to be used in the aforementioned features and promotions.



All Federal, State and local income taxes are the sole responsibility of the individual winner(s.)



  1. Final and Binding Decisions: All decisions made by the BBB regarding the contest will be considered as conclusive and cannot be challenged or appealed. Participants must adhere to these decisions.

  2. Disqualification: Any participant found violating the rules, attempting to gain an unfair advantage, or using fraudulent means to win will be disqualified from the contest.

  3. Interpretation of Rules: The BBB will be responsible for interpreting the rules of the contest. In case of any disputes, conflicting claims, or ambiguities concerning the rules, the BBB's decision will be considered final.



  1. Release and Waiver of Claims: By participating in the contest, each entrant agrees to release and waive any and all claims of liability against the "Contest Entities" and any applicable third-party fulfillment service.

  2. Liability Coverage: Participants waive the right to hold the Contest Entities and their respective employees and agents liable for any and all losses, damages (including personal injury), or any other form of harm incurred during or related to the contest.

  3. Contest Activities: The release and waiver of claims extend to any actions or events associated with the conduct or participation in the contest. This includes any activities related to the contest, such as registration, entry submission, voting, or other contest-related events.

  4. Prizes: The release and waiver also cover any liability related to the awarding, shipping/handling, receipt, possession, and/or use or misuse of any prize won in the contest.

  5. Travel: If the contest involves travel as part of the prize or any other contest-related activity, the release and waiver of claims also apply to any liabilities that may arise during the travel period.

It is essential for participants to thoroughly read and understand these terms before entering the contest. If any participant disagrees with these conditions, they should refrain from participating in the contest.

By agreeing to these terms, participants acknowledge that they will not hold the Contest Entities or any third-party fulfillment service responsible for any potential losses or damages incurred throughout the contest and prize-related processes.

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